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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Celebrity Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Bodies For Fame

 Celebrity Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Bodies For Fame

to top
10 beyond the screen.

For today’s Top story we’re talking about
another way that celebrities damage their

We’ve talked about the different time’s
actors have damaged their body for a movie
role, but what about the celebrities who damage
their body simply as an aspect of their fame?
Plastic surgery is trending more than ever
in today’s generation, but has been a big
part of Hollywood for a long time now.
Before we jump into today’s list by no means
am I poking fun at these people for the choices
they’ve made, I actually feel really bad
that they turned to this.

So before you go off in the comments below,
just know this all comes from a good place.
Here is todays list of Top 10 Celebrities
Who Destroyed Their Bodies For Fame.

Starting off our list at number 10 is Michael
Jackson; he was one of the greatest performers
to walk the earth and his personal life captured
the interest of millions; mostly his change
of look.

He started out as a young singer in the band
Jackson 5, where he rocked a black afro and
dark skin.
 Young Michael Jackson
There was an accident that occurred where
his hair caught on fire so he began wearing
wigs and also had permanent tattooing done
to the scalp.
But besides his hair, one of the most obvious
parts of his transformation was the change
in his skin colour.
Many people claimed her changed his colour
from black to white as a way of being accepted.
Michael went on the Oprah show and claimed
he had a skin condition and that was the reason
it changed colour, but reports say he had
steroids and other medications also known
as bleaching agents.

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 Michael Jackson www.artist-news.com
 Michael Jackson
Throughout his career, he had multiple surgeries done to his face including:
face lifts, nose jobs, chin implant, and lip
tattooing to make them appear thinner.
It’s hard to say what the real reason was,
but it can be assumed that the fame and money
he had definitely played an effect on it.


At number 9 is Farrah Abraham; she was cast
on MTV’s show 16 and pregnant when she was
just 16 years old, and pregnant, and then
went on to be one of the OG’s on the show

Teen Mom.
She was in the spotlight for years with her
daughter Sophia, which is why fans were shocked
when her image and behaviors began to change.

In 2010, she had her first big surgery done
which was breast implants.

 Farrah Abraham
 Farrah Abraham
It was only noticeable because
she’s always been a very petite girl, so
they definitely stuck out on her tiny frame.
In 2012, she got a rhinoplasty and chin implant
which reports say cost her $16,000.

 Farrah Abraham
 Farrah Abraham
The following year, in 2013,
she got her second breast implant surgery
and was showing off her new D cups.
 Farrah Abraham
 Farrah Abraham
This year is when her image
and also her reputation began to change as
she got involved in the porn industry, promoting
her adult film at the Gentlemen’s Club in
Las Vegas and also a personal sex tape leaked
onto the internet.

She also got involved in the sexy toy industry
where she created her very own line.
In 2015, the star went to get more permanent
lip fillers but she had an allergic reaction.
She posted the pictures and captioned it:
girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

 Farrah Abraham After Surgery
 Farrah Abraham After Surgery
Since then, she has had countless procedures
done: her breasts again, her lips again, other
face injections, bum implants, and bum fillers.
She goes on her Instagram live video with
her daughter Sophia in the room as she gets
her bum fillers by the way; you can just imagine
the controversy.
We can imagine that she feels the need to
fit this type of image because she’s now
so involved in the sex/porn industry.


Taking over spot number 8 is Cher; the actress
and singer is a legend for her talent but
also for her looks.
 Cher; the actress and singer
 Cher; the actress and singer
She basically hasn’t aged a day because
she’s put a lot of her financial success
into plastic surgery.
The best part is, she had no problem admitting
She flaunts the work she’s had done with
pride and says that she hopes to smash the
stigma that cosmetic surgery is something
to be ashamed of.
 Cher; the actress and singer
 Cher; the actress and singer
During an interview with Glamour
in 2018, she said: It makes me happy.
And you know, if I want to put my tits on
my back, they’re mine to do so.
The actress admits to having a facelift and
also botox to reduce wrinkles and frowning
UK’s leading aesthetic doctor, Dr. Nick
Milojevic, says it looked like she also has
had a neck lift and an eye operation.
He also said, I quote: She would also have
regular dermal fillers, as at her age the
skin loses volume and needs to be plumped.
Regardless of what she’s had done, when
she took on a role in Mamma Mia 2 last year,
everyone kept asking “how the HELL does
cher look so good?!”
So I guess that beauty is pain.

In the number 7 spot is Donatella Versace;
the Italian fashion designer and current vice
president of the Versace Group, and also its
chief designer.

She is currently 64 years old and has a net
worth of a whopping 200 million dollars.
The Versace company stakes are divided between
herself, her daughter Allegra, and her brother
Santo Versace.

The total value of the company is 1.7 billion
dollars, so needless to say her company is
a successful one.
As time has gone on, her bags are not the
only thing that has changed, her look has
also, significantly.

Donatella Versace;
Donatella Versace Before and After
She isn’t known for having
the most natural style and she is the first
one to admit it.
In 2013, during an interview with Sunday’s
Vogue Festival, she said: I’m not genetically
like this.

I use tons of cream and take care of my hair
and skin.
She went on to admit that she has had botox
done on her face but denies that she has had
any other work done besides that.

Donatella Versace Before and After
Donatella Versace Before and After
The fashion designer explains
that it takes a lot to get her well-crafted
look which most people would expect from a
designer; she can’t even remember the last
time she wore flat shoes.

I can only imagine the expectations she puts
even on herself as one of the world’s most
iconic designers.

At number 6 is Pamela Anderson; the legendary
actress and model mostly known for her work
in Playboy magazine and on Baywatch.

But before she came this sexual figure, she
actually appeared in a family television show:
Home Improvement.

It was her first television appearance and
she took on the role of Pam; looking back
at pictures now, you would never know that
it was her.

Pamela Anderson; 
Her looks completely changed
after her first breast enlargement surgery
and lip injections.

Last year, in 2018, America’s Holistic Plastic
Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn did a report of
all the surgery’s he suspects Pamela has
had done based on his professional experience
and knowledge.

Pamela Anderson After Surgery
Pamela Anderson After Surgery
Throughout the report he states
that he thinks she’s had some fillers injected
into her cheeks, laser treatments done on
her skin, botox injections, and some fillers
or fat transfers within the skin on her face.
The model has always been recognized for her
looks so I can only imagine the pressure that
comes with that.

Half way through at number 5 is Carrot Top;
an American stand-up comedian and actor who’s
original name is actually Scott Thompson.

 Carrot Top; an American stand-up comedian and actor
 Carrot Top; an American stand-up comedian and actor
 If for some reason you don’t know who he
is; he’s a guy known for his bright red
afro hair, hence the carrot top nickname.

Over the years rumours have spread that he
has undergone a number of different plastic
surgery operations, and understandably so,
because looking at pictures I’d definitely
think he has.

Carrot Top; an American stand-up comedian and actor After Surgery
Carrot Top; an American stand-up comedian and actor After Surgery
However, he continues to deny
that he has had any work done.

During an interview back in 2013, he was asked
about what he thought on the rumours.
His response was: people think I’ve had
plastic surgery – no, it just takes a lot
of makeup to make me look good.

He went on to say that people have made jokes
that he looks like The Mask, and all he has
to say is, I quote: I’m sorry that I look
good, I don’t think I look anything different
than I did when I started in comedy.

According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Youn, he
says he definitely has had some work done.
He says: yielding an excessively arched brow
and a smooth face is the result of laser treatment.

He is looking more and more like a muscle-bound
cartoon character.
Well, what do you guys think?
Plastic surgery or makeup?

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