James Dietz

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help! military painting... please!?

My grandpa's birthday is coming up and he was talking about some painting/print that he saw once at Fort Leavenworth at my dad's graduation. Here are some things I remember him saying.. I have tried finding it on the internet so I can get it for him for his birthday but I just can't find it... I think it might be a James Dietz but I am unsure. It has something to do with an Indian war maybe or something calvary. anyway my grandpa keeps saying its called "the scout' or something.. it has a guy looking off to the distance or something and theres a horse by him or behind him and some other guys maybe? anyone knnow what im talking about?

Best Answer...


O.K. I'm retired Navy, but I thought I would give it a shot. I believe the painting you seek is one by Lawrence Carmichael Earle and is called "The Scout". You can view an oil copy of it at the link below. If that isn't it, you might want to call the Army Frontier Museum at Fort Leavenworth. Their phone number is: (913) 684-3767.